Page 11 - Club Bulletin 23/04/2018
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Program for the weeks ahead

          Date          Apr 30                        May 14              May 23               May 28

                                                      Mooloolaba          USC  Innovation  Mooloolaba
         Venue          Mooloolaba Surf Club
                                                      Bowls Club          Centre               Bowls Club

                        Mission            Control
                                                                          RUSCCF  Annual
                        Houston        and      the  Young         Vets
         Subject                                                          combined
                        International        Space  presentation

         Speaker        Mike Ivess                    Jane McFadden

         Chairman   Peter EGGLETON                    Paul WARREN

         Vote       of
                        Tony SPORTON                  Vicki STEWART

         Door           Heather LEAK                  Arthur HODGE


          Last Meeting

          Meeting of the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba held Apr 23 2018 6:00PM

          There were 31 Members present along with 4 guests.
          We received 9 apologies.
          (More information can be obtained from our website.)

          Visitors at last meeting
          Club Guests: Col Pritchard (club guest speaker), Neil Henricks (club guest speaker)
          Exchange Student: Sami Barbi

          Partners: David (Cathy WRIGHT)

          On a Lighter Note


          Engineer  dies...  and  goes  to  Hell.  Dissatisfied  with  the  level  of  comfort,  he  starts
          designing and building improvements. After a while, Hell has air conditioning, flush toilets
          and escalators.

          The engineer is a pretty popular guy.
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